If you’re looking for roof repair alternatives and options, we’re the asphalt shingle treatment company in Colorado Springs for YOU. Because we can save you up to 85% off the cost of total roof replacement.

Springs Roof Rejuvenation
(Asphalt Shingle Treatment)

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The SRR Simple 3 Steps

1: A Detailed Inspection

First, we inspect your roof so we can give you a complete, open evaluation. This step helps you discover how much we want to help you save money and time with an asphalt shingle treatment.

2: Roof Maintenance

Before treatment, we’ll offer to perform a tune-up of your entire roofing system. And this includes a focus on chimney flashings and loose shingles re-sealed. Plus, we nail down and seal pop up nails. Then, if necessary, we’ll replace dry rotted pipe boot collars and paint turtle backs.

3: Roof Restor™ Application/Treatment

We want you to rest assured this service is fast, clean, professional, and 100% safe. It typically takes less than two hours. So, you won’t have someone clomping around on your roof all day. And here’s the best part. Within about 72 hours your roof’s flexibility and waterproof protection returns.

So, instead of total roof replacement,
consider asphalt shingle treatment

You now have options when it comes to the roof on your house. And you owe it to yourself to check out our bio-based, environmentally friendly rejuvenator. Because it’s been rigorously lab-tested and field-proven to be an awesome, cost-effective asphalt shingle treatment.

Test results show that our rejuvenator replaces oils in asphalt shingles.

And that helps make them last considerably longer.

Asphalt roofs typically exhibit signs of aging after 8-10 years. And that can vary based on region and environmental conditions. As the essential oils dry up, the shingle’s granular coating begins to wash into the gutters.

As a result, the shingles can’t hold the granular in place. And that exposes them to potential cracking and failure.

Our asphalt shingle treatment is a spinoff.

It’s the same kind of patented asphalt rejuvenator, used for over a decade to protect the oil in roads, driveways, and parking lots.

But that technology needed some bio-based redevelopment and tweaks in order to be suitable for asphalt roofing shingles. And once that was done, the process and product was made exclusively available through authorized dealers, like Springs Roof Rejuvenation.

Now we can offer you optimal application of the rejuvenator to help you add 5 to 15 years to the life of your roof.

Need Or Want To Know More?

An asphalt shingle treatment from Springs Roof Rejuvenation can help you avoid shingle granular loss.

Here’s Why We Use
The Roof Restor™
Rejuvenator Formula

For nearly 20 years, bio-based agricultural oils have been used to treat high-traffic asphalt roadways, restoring their flexibility and extending their life. And thanks to Roof Restor™, technology is now available for your asphalt shingle roof. It’s a revolutionary alternative to roof replacement.

The Roof Restor™ formulation is USDA certified. And it’s proven, through independent lab testing, to restore shingle flexibility, improve granule adhesion, reduce hail impact, and improve fire resistance. It’s also environmentally friendly and safe for people, plants and pets.

Springs Roof Rejuvenation guarantees the performance and flexibility of your shingles will be extended by five years with each treatment. And that’s backed by our 5 Year Limited Warranty. At a price that is up to 80% less expensive than a costly, disruptive roof replacement.

And you can repeat the treatment up to 3 times. That can add 15 extra years to the life of your roof.

When you schedule your service, our experienced crew will inspect your roof and perform any minor repairs that are needed. And we’ll completely apply Roof Restor™ in about 1-2 hours.

Extending the life of your roof is that easy –

Don’t replace your roof.
Rejuvenate it & Save your MONEY!
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Rejuvenation vs Roof Replacement
Can Save You Up to 85%

Springs Roof Rejuvenation can help extend the life of your roof for 5 years with each treatment. And you can apply the treatment up to 3 times to add 15 years to the life of your roof.

Here’s the math:

The average size of a residential roof is about 2,000 square feet.

In Colorado the average cost to replace a roof is $5.00/sq. ft.

Cost of roof replacement: 2,000 square feet x $5.00/sq. ft. = $10,000.00

So Springs Roof Rejuvenation can save you up to 85% of the cost of roof replacement

And we’re the exclusive dealer for Roof Restor™ in the greater Pike’s Peak region.

This truly revolutionary advancement in roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof for much less than the cost of roof replacement.

Springs Roof Rejuvenation provides quick response roof repairs. Big or small, we’ll check them all. So why waste any more time. Let us help you today.

5 Year Warranty
From Springs Roof Rejuvenation
With 3 guarantees

Trust isn’t just a word; it’s our commitment. With Springs Roof Rejuvenation, you can secure a future where treated shingles retain their integrity for a minimum of five years. And they stand the test of time and elements. Even when other warranties waver, ours remains rock solid.

And if a hiccup happens, we’ll get right on it and retreat as needed. We provide you 3 Guarantees:

Here’s Your Performance Guarantee

  • Minimum of five years of guaranteed performance
  • Valid even if manufacturer’s warranty expires
  • Commitment to re-treat if necessary

Here’s Your Natural Damage Guarantee

  • 5-year coverage from natural damages
  • Full refund if an insurance claim approves replacement
  • Jack Caton Roofing must be selected for the replacement

And Here’s Your Sales Assurance Guarantee

  • For properties going on sale post-rejuvenation
  • Home inspector and/or buyer insists on a new roof
  • Full refund if replacement needed, and Jack Caton Roofing is hired

This asphalt shingle treatment option isn’t just a choice.

It’s a ‘no-brainer’ decision. Dive into a win-win situation with benefits on every side. Why wait? Be ahead, be smart. There’s nothing better than rewards without risk. We want to be sure you have peace of mind with every shingle. Every time!

Our sole purpose is to keep your costs lower as we maintain your shingles’ flexibility. Flexible shingles can endure a lot more of the daily expansion and contraction. But, keep in mind, this isn’t a guarantee against leaks or any other roof related damages.

Many factors can affect how long shingles will last. And these include proper installation, attic ventilation, and, of course, weather. So, this limited warranty covers against loss of the shingles’ flexibility, the leading cause of roof failure.

Properly applied, Roof Restor™ Rejuvenator is formulated to keep asphalt shingles flexible for a period of five years. If they lose their flexibility during the five year limited warranty period, Springs Roof Rejuvenation will re-treat the areas of concern at no charge to the homeowner.

Your asphalt shingle treatment comes with a 5 year transferrable warranty.

To file a claim,
please contact us right away

So, when it comes to your asphalt shingles,
consider our treatment.
Don’t Replace, Rejuvenate!

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