Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is roof rejuvenation?

Answer: Roof rejuvenation is a process where a treatment, often a soy oil-based spray, is applied to an aging roof to restore its flexibility, extend its life, and improve its overall condition.

2. How does roof rejuvenation work?

Answer: The rejuvenation treatment penetrates the roof shingles, restoring lost oils and improving shingle flexibility. This helps to prevent cracking, curling, and other signs of aging, thereby extending the roof’s lifespan.

3. How long does roof rejuvenation last?

Answer: Typically, a roof rejuvenation treatment can extend the life of a roof by about 5 years, but this can vary depending on the condition of the roof and environmental factors.

4. Is roof rejuvenation environmentally friendly?

Answer: Yes, especially when using soy oil-based products. These treatments are often biodegradable, non-toxic, and sustainable, making them an eco-friendly choice.

5. Can rejuvenation be applied to all types of roofs?

Answer: Roof rejuvenation is only for asphalt shingle roofs.

6. How much does roof rejuvenation cost compared to roof replacement?

Answer: Roof rejuvenation is significantly less expensive than a full roof replacement, often costing only a fraction of the price of installing a new roof. 80-85% less expensive!!

7. How long does the rejuvenation process take?

Answer: The actual application of the rejuvenation treatment is relatively quick, typically taking a few hours, depending on the size and condition of the roof.

8. What are the benefits of roof rejuvenation?

Answer: Benefits include extending the roof’s lifespan, improving its appearance, reducing landfill waste from shingle disposal, and being a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

9. When is the best time to perform roof rejuvenation?

Answer: The best time is when your roof starts showing signs of aging but is still in overall good condition. Early intervention can maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

10. How do I know if my roof needs rejuvenation?

Answer: Signs that your roof may benefit from rejuvenation include loss of granules, minor curling or cracking of shingles, and overall weathering. A professional inspection can provide a definitive answer.

11. What happens if my roof gets damaged by hail to the point that it needs to be replaced, and I have recently rejuvenated my roof?

Answer: In the unfortunate event that your roof sustains severe hail damage requiring a full replacement after undergoing our rejuvenation service, we’ve got you covered. If you choose Jack Caton Roofing Company to handle your roof replacement, we will provide a 100% refund for the rejuvenation service. Our commitment is to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind, even in unexpected situations.

12. What happens to the 5-year warranty on the rejuvenation treatment if I sell my house?

Answer: If you sell your home, the 5-year warranty on the roof rejuvenation treatment is fully transferable to the new buyer. This adds an attractive feature to your property listing, as the new homeowner will enjoy the same peace of mind and protection you had. Additionally, if the roof is damaged by hail within those five years, the new owner will also be eligible for a refund towards a new roof, provided they contract the replacement with Jack Caton Roofing Company. It’s a great incentive to add value to your listing and assure potential buyers of continued roof care.

13. What if I list my home and the buyer’s inspection demands a roof replacement, but I had roof rejuvenation done in the last five years?

Answer: In this scenario, we provide the same assurance as we do in cases of hail damage. If your home is listed for sale and a buyer’s inspection indicates that a roof replacement is necessary, despite having had the rejuvenation treatment within the last five years, we offer a solution. Should you choose Jack Caton Roofing Company for the roof replacement, we will grant a 100% refund of your roof rejuvenation service. This policy ensures that you can proceed with the sale and roof replacement without losing the value of your initial investment in roof rejuvenation.